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Nano Silver Toothbrush with Interdental Brush

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  • MaterialPP, RUBBER, PBT

[B.O.K. CO., LTD.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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 Toothbrush: Nano silver + Interdental brush –Dental Care (2012S)


  1. A new functional well-being toothbrush
  2. The 99.9% of the edible Silver purity added into the toothbrush has a feature of antibacterial function.
  3. High quality Super Slim Bristles make deep clean effect
  4. Slim bristles clean up the plague between teeth or the plaque between a tooth and gum. And slim bristles limit the damage of gum.
  5. SSB has an outstanding function to remove the remainders of coffee, tea, tobacco.
  6. Prevent the gum disease because SSB removes the plaque between a tooth and gum.
  7. A traditional interdental brush is included.
  8. Outstanding design of PP + Rubber handle

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